🔹 One week left 🔹 Make your mark on the educational field

Just one week remains to submit your proposal to present at QM Connect. 

What if the knowledge you’ve gained through your hard work, innovation and experience could make a big difference beyond the walls of your institution?

Presenting is your chance to be a hero — multiplying the impact of your expertise by sharing it with your peers and potentially improving the academic experiences of thousands of learners. Plus, QM Connect presentations shine on a resumé, so if you’re looking to advance your career, presenting is a great way to stand out from the pack.

Hundreds of educators have shared how their QM Connect presentations boosted their confidence, honed their ideas, opened new doors, and sparked professional relationships. Don’t miss your chance to reap these benefits and more!

“Presenting at QM felt like I had finally reached the next level of my professional process. Learning and collaborating with colleagues from across the nation was a fresh breath of inspiration and motivation to create new pathways for growth and innovation at my institution.”
— Maikel Alendy, Florida International University,
QM Connect Presenter

Your insight could be a gamechanger for fellow educators, for learners and for you — but only if you share it. Submit your proposal by May 26.

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