25 Teacher Memes That Tell It Like It Is

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Teaching is a profession that is the epitome of selflessness. No teacher goes in thinking that every day will be an absolute cake walk. Teaching is hard; it can be frustrating; it can be sad. But thankfully, there are those one-of-a-kind souls that head into their classrooms, paperwork and coffee in hand, ready to get down and do the work many couldn’t imagine ever doing. In support of our dedicated, tireless, and downright heroic teachers, here are some funny reminders of why we should appreciate them more. 

  1. For those with unequaled positivity. 
    1-Happy little challenges

  2. Survival tip: Imagine your students as cute fuzzy wuzzies. 
    2-Cat w chicks

  3. Tough love. TOUGH. LOVE. 
    3-Girl shrugging-instructions

  4. Who else should be thanked for this miracle? 
    4-everyone understands - Mark Wahlberg

  5. When excitement becomes confusion. 
    5-Not what I planned - E Murphy

  6. The classic “What now?” situation. 
    6-2 hours activity

  7. Then read them again. Thanks. 
    7-Read the directions

  8. Maybe I heard that wrong. 
    8-Write in complete sentences
  9. Thoughts run in circles – like a hamster on a wheel. 
    9-Start a sentence - Michael

  10. Because this is what my years of education prepared me for – the stage. 
    10-Not listening - Gladiator

  11. Expect the unexpected…or the expected. 
    11-expected of them

  12. Just a little suspicious. 
    12-Studied - a lie Maury

  13. Same response at staff meetings. 
    13-who is presenting next

  14. This is here purely for the Rock. 
    14-student funny teacher compuser - Rock

  15. This one, too. 
    15-Moving out - The Rock

  16. If I squint hard enough… 
    16-Student handwriting

  17. It’s that time of the year again!  
    17-You get a meeting Oprah

  18. Can it be asked in an email?! 
    18-Question at staff meeting

  19. Everything can be edited. 
    19-Google Classroom

  20. Pursed lips directly correlate to the level of interest. 
    20-Parent conferences - Ross face

  21. My mama didn’t raise no fools. 
    21-Look teachers give - Justin T

  22. It’s survival at all costs. 
    22-Coffee saves lives

  23. So, which drive thru will it be? 
    23-making dinner

  24. Can’t even make it to the door sometimes. 
    24-Teaching Got me Like

  25. Last but not least, the ultimate teacher appreciation gift.
    25-staff meeting cancelled

Have a favorite teacher meme that never fails to lighten the mood? Please share!


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