A Concise Explanation of Plagiarism

As we see an increase in the development and use of AI writing tools, there will probably be an increase in questions about copyright and plagiarism. In fact, that was a topic of discussion in a recent episode of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions. If this is an issue of concern for you, you may want to take a look at Common Craft’s explanation of plagiarism.

Plagiarism Explained by Common Craft does a great job explaining what plagiarism is and how to avoid unintentionally plagiarizing a work. The video includes an example of citing information that many students might not think they would need to cite.

Common Craft’s video is a great introduction to bigger lessons about plagiarism and copyright. Purdue OWL has some materials that make fantastic companions to Common Craft’s video. Those materials include the “Should I Cite This?” poster and Best Practices to Avoid Plagiarism.

Disclosure: I have a long-standing, in-kind relationship with Common Craft.

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