AI, Accelerated Learning, and the Why Behind Math

AI, Accelerated Learning, and the Why Behind Math

An item from a neo-liberal…  This one is an item from a business professor with little direct experience in education, but who believes free market economic principles are the answer to education’s (and pretty much all other society’s social) problems.

Carnegie Learning was perhaps the first company to enter the education technology market with an artificial intelligence (AI) powered math learning solution. CEO Barry Malkin joined me to talk about Carnegie Learning’s approach, how the company has evolved since those early days, and how they approach some of the hot button questions in math education. In particular we tackled questions around conceptual learning in math versus memorizing procedures, the grain size at which Carnegie Learning approaches personalizing learning, and what the impact of artificial intelligence is likely to be more broadly. As always, you can listen to the conversation above if you subscribe, watch it below, or read the transcript if you’re a paid subscriber.

Michael Horn:

Today’s guest, Barry Malkin, has had a fascinating career at a fascinating perch right now at a company that I got to know very early on in my introduction to the world of education technology, which is Carnegie Learning. We’re going to hear a significant update, I think, about what they’re up to and as well as frankly some perspective on some of the burning questions that educators are really asking right now around the rise of AI and more, but all in this bigger question because we’re obsessed with helping all individuals build their passions and fulfill their human potential. And so Barry, first, it’s great to see you. Thank you for doing this.

Barry Malkin:

Well, thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.


Yeah, you bet. So let’s start with that, just your own background into your current role leading Carnegie Learning and your own journey. I suspect when you started out, that’s not something you would’ve necessarily guessed that this is where you’d be at the moment.

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