Cat Sat Mat or the City Kitty

I had a chance to update our Cat on the Mat word family craft for you! Your students can have fun with fine motor while creating a record of their learning in word families! 

The printable file now includes 2 more options for you:

  • a 2 Page Craft (all the pieces you need for one student on 2 pages)
  • a Quick Craft (no gluing, all in one piece to cut)

I’ve also added a little digital activity option. You could use this as part of your lesson introduction or a mini lesson to review words in the at-family a few days later! 

Here on the blog I will share with you a no-prep listening game that you can integrate into your week. Students will listen to you say words and differentiate between -at and -it words. Here is a list of words if you’d like to create a display like mine

As well you can integrate:

  • awareness of hard and soft c (cat/city)
  • rhyming words
  • onset and rime
  • past / present tense
  1. tell students that cat sat on the mat and show the hand movement of lacing your fingers to make a mat
  2. tell students that kitty went to the city and show them how to stretch their arms into the air like a tall city building (the words on our board look like tall buildings with windows too)
  3. ask them to listen to the words you say and make the movement (and repeat the word) to distinguish if it has a medial a or i (make a mat for a, a city building for i)
  4. say words at random and support your students where necessary
  5. you may need to emphasize the medial short vowel, or stretch the words out to begin with as they get used to the actions and format of the listening game

Please note that the words on our display are only in boxes to look like buildings, doors and windows. This is a listening game.

I hope you and your students have fun with the Cat on the Mat and the Kitty in the City

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