Centers That Won’t Drain Your Wallet Part 2

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In Part 1, I went over some items from the Dollar Tree that you could use for fun, engaging, and educational math activities that wouldn’t drain your wallet. This time around, I’m going to show you how to use the finds for literacy centers. Let’s jump right in!

Word Swatter–This swatter can be used to locate letters and sight words in books or around the classroom.
Reading Tracker–Students can use this to help them track as they read a book. It helps them to follow along with their peers in choral reading or other activities where you want the students to focus on a word.
Sight Word Dice-These blocks are great for students to roll and read the sight word that is displayed on the top. Students can do letter practice too. You may want to laminate and hot glue the words or letters if you want them to last longer. If you use a marker, the words/letters may erase. They offer a variety of colors to choose from.
Talk Back Phone–This phone is so much fun for the students! They can immediately hear themselves as they say sounds or sound out letters to make words. Students can use them at center or in a group setting to repeat after the teacherl You’ll need to get a few of these since this item is very popular with students.
Pipe Cleaner to String Letters/Sight Words–Students can use the pipe cleaners to string beads with letters to make sight words, to make their name, or to string the letters in the alphabet in order. It’s easier than just using string as the beads won’t easily slide off. Students can even make bracelets to remember the sight words.
Sight Word Boards–These boards and letters can be laminated to make them sturdier. Students can practice making sight words with the help of the pictures. These can be used with the help of the teacher in a group setting or at a center with a partner. You can put the boards in a pocket folder for easy storage and the letters can be placed in a sheet protector.

Hopefully, these activities are a hit with your students! They are inexpensive, fun, and engaging. I just mentioned a few ways you can use the items, but there are many other ways students can interact with the materials. Try a few of them out!

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