Clear the Board to 12 Math Warm Up

Today I’m sharing with you another math warm up! Use warm-ups to ignite your learners and ready them for a mini-lesson at the small group table or before math workshop. You can easily adapt them for lesson introductions or transitions between lessons with your whole group too. 

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This warm up will help your students with

  • addition to 12
  • addition of more than 2 numbers
  • comparing numbers 

Clear the Board 12

  • players write the numbers 2-12 on a whiteboard (oops, I have a one in my photo)
  • players each have 5 rolls only
  • take turns to roll 2 dice, total them and clear the answer from their board
  • if a number has been cleared already, they miss a turn
  • at the end of 5 rolls, a score is created by adding the remaining numbers
  • the lowest number wins

Differentiate this game using dice of bigger numbers. 

addition to 12

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