Create Exceptional Experiences with the New MimioWall


Boxlight is excited to introduce MimioWall – an all-in-one LED intelligent display solution.

Enhance any space – classrooms, entrances, hallways, offices, lecture halls – with a vibrant Android digital display, while boosting user interactivity via screen sharing and staying in control of information shared with CleverLive digital signage software. MimioWall delivers seamless images, scalability, and excellent visual characteristics so that content displayed looks amazing from any angle. 

Why MimioWall? 

The integrated design of MimioWall means users can do more without the hassle of outside connections and management systems. Key features include: 

  • Large display, including ultra-wide screens for lecture halls and other large spaces. There are nine sizes available, ranging from 120” – 299”, so organizations can find the perfect display for their space. 
  • Integrated design with no external devices. Unlike a traditional video wall that requires intensive work on installation to integrate a separate power supply, the MimioWall includes video distribution and an embedded Android so that the display can be mounted and plugged into power without any extraneous cords or long cable runs to other rooms. 
  • Revolutionary 3-in-1 board that integrates a power supply, a receiving card, and a hub board. This also helps to facilitate the installation and setup time in under four hours. 
  • Smart remote control to access settings that allows the user not only control of the display and settings, but also the Android OS. MimioWall is a plug-and-play system with one button turn on/off. 
  • In-house award winning Boxlight Customer Care service and support. 


The MimioWall enhances large spaces to help increase collaboration. Presentations can be facilitated using a laptop and up to four devices can screenshare content simultaneously and in real time. Participants can annotate synchronously from their devices via their smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers. For educators, the ability for students to screenshare is an essential part of interactive learning that keeps students engaged and motivated. 

For larger spaces and lecture halls, MimioWall is available with ultra-wide screens making it the perfect solution for creating an immersive and exceptional AV experience. In addition, administrators can share campus information, updates, and alerts using the award-winning CleverLive digital signage platform. CleverLive enables all displays to become communication tools for any number of purposes – regularly scheduled information, campus updates such as transportation and staff meetings, and announcements or emergency alerts. 

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