Decodable Sentence Trees

Learning how to read requires so much time, effort, and practice. During this process, students can become frustrated and overwhelmed. Often, this is due to seeing so many words at once and having to decode them. Since teachers never want to overwhelm students, they break the reading process down into multiple steps. For instance, the Decodable Sentence Trees allow students to practice decodable words and increase fluency one line at a time. Students will love blossoming into proud, confident readers! 

decodable sentence trees

When students need help with reading fluently, they need activities that do not frustrate them. They need to focus on each word without distractions or an overwhelming amount of words. This is essential as students will read various materials their entire lives. Thankfully, the decodable sentence trees meet both of these aspects! 

Each sentence tree card allows students to begin reading a line of one word. Then, each line adds one additional word. So, as students progress down the tree, they continue to repeat the words from the lines above and practice one new word. Honestly, this is a fantastic way for students to grow confidence in themselves as they successfully read each line! 

Plenty of Practice! 

When teachers add decodable sentence trees to lessons, there are plenty of options. Specifically, the product includes 224 cards. Thankfully, this means students can increase their reading skills in a consistent format throughout the year. 

Additionally, the cards follow a logical phonics scope and sequence that allows students to read successfully. This helps ensure the words on the tree are at the just-right level for students. 


Honestly, there are so many incredible ways to use Decodable Sentence Trees. They were made for multiple uses to ensure that all students can improve their fluency. For example, they work great during phonics practice with a small group. Additionally, they work perfectly during independent reading centers or for early finishers. Teachers can even send them home for extra practice, which builds home-to-school connections. If a class has parent volunteers or teaching assistants, they can even work with students in a small group or one-on-one. Students will be happy to improve their fluency no matter how you use them. 

Keeping the Cards Handy 

There is so much to handle each day. So, it is helpful to print and laminate the decodable sentence trees. This makes sure they stay sturdy for multiple uses. Additionally, teachers can hole punch the corner and place them on a metal ring. This is a fantastic way to keep them organized and handy!

Parents and guardians will be so proud of the blossoming readers in your classroom! Best of all, students will have so much fun working on fluency with the Decodable Sentence Trees. They will love improving their confidence as they read each tree with stronger fluency, expression, and pride. 

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