DLC Webinar: AI and Chatbots in Online and Blended Learning

The following description was generated by Chat GPT… but we will have real flesh and blood people on the webinar!

With the ever-growing demand for online and blended learning, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots has become increasingly important in providing personalized, effective, and engaging education experiences for students. From assisting in administrative tasks to supporting teachers in lesson planning and delivery, AI and chatbots have transformed the education landscape.

In this webinar discussion, we will explore how online and blended schools are leveraging AI and tools like ChatGPT to enhance various aspects of their operations, from leadership and management to teaching and learning. Our panel of experts will share insights on the benefits of using AI in education, such as increased efficiency, improved student outcomes, and greater accessibility. They will also discuss the challenges and ethical considerations that come with implementing AI and chatbots in education.

Join us for this informative session to learn how AI and chatbots are transforming the way we teach and learn in the digital age.

When: Thursday April 13, 2023 at 3:00 pm Eastern

Panelists: Ken Dirkin, Michigan Virtual, Jon Fila, District 287 (Minnesota), Jason Neiffer, Montana Digital Academy

Moderators: Allison Powell and Chris Rapp – DLC

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