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Extinguishing the Dumpster Fires of Assessment and Grading Reform | Otus

How to Navigate 3 Common Challenges Educators Face During a Change of Practice

Becky Peppler, former high school teacher and instructional coach, and Dr. Garth Larson, former director of learning, discuss the most common challenges or “dumpster fires” that educators and administrators face when taking on assessment and grading reform.

This webinar is practical in nature and participants will learn how to develop a plan to address and navigate common challenges that arise when transitioning to more meaningful assessment, grading, and reporting practices.

Becky and Dr. Larson explore the following challenges during this webinar:

  • These grading policies won’t work in my content area.
  • Won’t this new grading system promote laziness? There’s no accountability for students with this system.
  • My child will not be able to get into college or get a job because schools will not understand what they are doing.

Becky and Dr. Larson have extensive experience supporting school leaders and teachers with assessment and grading reform as part of their work with FIRST Educational Resources. FIRST is committed to providing current and future educators with the most comprehensive and affordable support available to help improve the overall educational process of teaching, learning, and leading.

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