Finding Ten

 To help students become more fluent in addition a strategy they can learn is making ten or finding ten first. In a series of 3 numbers or more they will find combinations that make a ten before adding the other numbers. 

Here is a fast-prep math warm up to help students fist become familiar with the combinations.

Call a Ten

  • students are seated with you in a small group
  • you roll a standard 6 sided die
  • the students quickly call the number that combines with the roll to make ten – e.g. if you roll 4 they call 6
  • keep it fast and fun, giving students as much opportunity to work with the numbers 

After your warm up and instructional lesson, students can practice finding a ten within a series of 3 single digits on our fun and engaging worksheet pages!

making ten in addition

To review and teach other strategies in addition, bookmark our website page too!

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