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Free Help To Start Your Blog + Complete Season One Highlight Of My Blogging Series

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Finally, we have come to Complete Season One of Learn blogging and SEO Series. If you have been following the series, then you would testify that it has been amazing.

In this article, I will do a recap of Episodes 1 to 10 of my Blogging and SEO Series Season 1. The First Season was indeed packed with amazing Episodes to Get you Started, Inspired, and Equipped.

Introduction To Blogging

EPISODE ONE: In Episode one, I gave an introduction to the blogging Series which will contain five seasons and 50 Episodes. I gave the course outline for the series and the frequency of each Episode release. Full Article

My Monthly Page Views

EPISODE TWO: If you have ever wondered how I started blogging and the number of visitors I get monthly then this episode is for you. I have explained the real meaning of blogging and how you can start your own today. Full Article

Niche And Domain Name

EPISODE THREE: The meaning of niche, domain name, how much you need to start a blog, and definition of important terms in blogging. Full Article

Domain And Hosting Setup

EPISODE FOUR: This Golden episode covers the process you need to set up your domain, and hosting plus a WordPress installation guide. You may not want to miss this wonderful article. Full Article

OnPage SEO

EPISODE FIVE: This Episode did justice to OnPage SEO and how to create high-quality content for your blog. Full Article

Marketing Your Blog

EPISODE SIX: Your blog needs to be exposed and made public so that people can easily find it. I have shared the secrets to making your blog popular… Full Article

Make Money Blogging

EPISODE SEVEN: Everyone jumping into the ocean of blogging wants to make money. Of course, there are so many ways to make money blogging. Full Article

Google Adsense Earning

EPISODE EIGHT: A whole lot of people find it difficult to earn enough income from Google Adsense. I felt this pain and at such listed the top secrets of earning more from AdSense. Full Article

Google Adsense Approval

EPISODE NINE: This Episode covers the complete guide on the Google Adsense approval process for dummies. Remember, Adsense is the best contextual advertisement network around the globe. Full Article

Why People Fail in Blogging

EPISODE TEN: Here, I discussed the top reasons why people fail in blogging and likely reasons you would score F9 in blogging. Blogging success secrets has been unveiled in this wonderful episode. Full Article




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