Fun Pi Day Activities for Students of All Ages

On March 14th, the first three digits of pi (π) become the date (3/14)! (Don’t know what pi represents? Read more about it here.) This fun holiday is a great, low-pressure opportunity to engage your students in math — a stressful subject for many students. High-pressure math environments are known for causing fear among students, and this math anxiety actually inhibits student performance

By taking the time to celebrate Pi Day, you can infuse some light-hearted fun into your rigorous lessons. This can help students realize that math is not something to fear. It is just another subject to learn! Try using these Pi Day activities to teach your students about the concept of pi and show them how math can be fun.

Pi Day Activities for Middle School and High School

Rigorous math activities are important in making sure middle and high school students grasp algebra, geometry, and trigonometry (essential STEM subjects!). But rigorous does not mean a lack of fun! With these Pi Day activities for high school and middle school students, embrace both fun and rigor in your lessons. Help students remember the digits of π, understand pi as an irrational number, and learn how to measure the circumference of circular objects. Plus, encourage your class’s creativity amid your math lessons with art and writing activity components!

A sketch style graphic with the title "Finding Area and Circumference of Circles - Partner Activity" and cute clip art of the pi symbol, a slice of pie, and the resource worksheets.

Pi Day Partner Activity Area and Circumference of Circles by Mrs Padillas Math Class

Grades: 7th – 8th 

A predominantly blue resource cover with the title "Pi Day - Circles: Circumference and Area." It shows task cards from this math game, as well as clip art of a student in a char playing "musical chairs."

Pi Day Musical Chairs Middle School by Misty Miller

Grades: 7th – 8th

A mostly black and white Pi Day resource cover, which allows the one colored-in activity page to stand out.

Area and Circumference of Circles Pi Day | Coloring Activity by All Things Algebra

Grades: 6th – 10th 

A colorful image for a packet of ideas for "Pi Day Activities."  It features a red polka dot background, the pi symbol, a slice of pie, and small images of the resource pages.

10 Last Minute, No-Prep Pi Day Activity Ideas by Elementary Inquiry 

Grades: 5th – 7th


A plain, black and white cover image for "a pack of puzzles to celebrate PI DAY"  with a purple border.

Pi Day Activities – Puzzles by weatherly

Grades: 5th – 10th

A colorful activity cover with a rainbow polka-dot border, a white center, a sparkly green pi sign, and a picture of a worksheet.

Pi Day and Poetry with Luck of the Pilish FREEBIE by Route 22 Educational Resources

Grades: 4th – 8th


"Pi Day Algebraic Thinking Puzzles" are shown in the center of this muted but colorful resource cover, with the text framing the top and bottom.

Pi Day Puzzles by To the Square Inch- Kate Bing Coners

Grades: 4th – 8th

Pi Day Activities for Elementary Students

Elementary students’ readiness to learn and apply the concept of pi might vary, but that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in Pi Day fun! Start familiarizing your class with this math concept early to keep math anxiety at bay. With these creative Pi Day activities for elementary students, you can help students write the numbers of pi and lay the foundation for their future learning.

This bright, colorful cover for "Activities for Pi Day" shows pictures of the completed activities with the call-outs "STEAM Art," "Crafts," and "Print & Go" in bright circles.

Pi Day Activities – Circle Math and Art Fun for Elementary by Meredith Anderson – Momgineer

Grades: K – 4th 

This purple and blue watercolor image says "Pi Day Bracelets" in a cursive script font and shows pictures of the completed activity and resource pages.

Pi Day Bracelets Craftivity by Cheers To School – Andrea Brown

Grades: 1st – 8th


This largely black and white  image features shades of pink color pops in the title. But the image is anything but plain: it's full of worksheet outlines and pi symbol outlines.

Pi 3.14 DAY ACTIVITIES WORKBOOK BUNDLE | Literacy, Math, and fun! by Teachin’ in the Sun 

Grades: 2nd – 8th

"Pi Day Math Activities" is shown in a big purple banner at the top of this image. Below are two detailed pictures of the worksheet pages and the semi-circle call out that the resource "includes print & digital" options.

Pi Day Activities Elementary by Teaching Math and More

Grades: 3rd – 5th

This jam-packed graphic says "Let's learn about...Pi Day" at the top. Below  are images of the "print" worksheets, the "digital" activity on a desktop, and clip-art of an older-looking mathematician.

Pi Day Read and Respond (Digital or Print) by The Knitted Apple

Grades: 3rd – 5th

Looking for more resources to teach your students about pi? Explore more Pi Day activities for students and general pi resources on TPT.

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