Guest Post: The Math Revolution by Gaurav from Cuemath

Math has always been a daunting subject for the majority of people. Movies have
portrayed math as a subject that kids avoid and which doesn’t really help to build a
successful future. Calculus is something that only rocket scientists study.

Now, answer all of these questions with a single word.

  1. What knowledge is essential when you pay your taxes?
  2. What is the basis of developing computer games ?
  3. How do you manage your personal expenses ?
  4. How can you explain various phenomenons of the universe ?
  5. What do painters and photographers use to make their work appealing ?

The answer to all these questions is MATH !

Why are thinking and intellectual skills the most sought after requirements of the

Education has become more of a transmission of facts or procedures rather than
focusing on finding those facts and deciding when to question them. Facts are
important but are also subject to change. Thus, thinking and intellectual skills should be
encouraged. There is no denying the fact that the coming decade will have more
complex problems and to develop problem-solving skills, thinking and intellectual skills
are required.

In this era of rapidly changing technology and workplace dynamics, flexible thinking and
intellectual skills help to process, analyze and combine all sources of information to select the most suitable solution and ability to modify the same if necessary. Educators’ efforts should be in the direction of developing these skills among their students as pronounced education seems incomplete without the possession of these skills.

Taking the first step towards getting good at math

Starting early helps tremendously. However, you can learn to think mathematically at
any age. Your aim is to build the ability to spot patterns and represent them
quantitatively. Break down complex problems into smaller manageable parts. Or,
convert an unknown problem to a known one. Figure out (multiple) solutions to new
problems. Analyze arguments and identify logical flaws.

Cuemath – The Math Expert , is an Indian Ed-tech organization whose primary goal is to
make all students self-sufficient in math. We have a team of 5000+ math experts who
focus on building a strong foundation for math in children to make them future ready.
We achieve this through our curriculum designed by Cambridge experts, specifically
engineered to create a problem solving attitude in children from a young age.

The program, systematically, exposes the kid to a broad and holistic curriculum which
doesn’t just cover the concepts and fundamentals of school math but also Mental
Aptitude and Creative Reasoning. Armed with all these skills, kids have very solid
fundamentals, enhanced mathematical aptitude, strong logical reasoning and this
results in deep appreciation for math. The learners are at the center stage in our model
and work towards building these essential capabilities in kids in the formative years
which will make them life-ready. .

We are a google funded Ed-Tech company with an aim towards the holistic approach
towards Mathematics as we believe it is a life-skill in today’s world.

Thanks for stopping by Kids Math Teacher Today and I hope that Cuemath can benefit a lot of students and their parents and teachers.

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