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When will you discover your life purpose? This year, next year, some other time, or never. The longer it takes to discover your life purpose, the longer it will be to live a fulfilled life.

Life’s purpose should be discovered as early as possible. Why? The whole time of life is too short to live ordinarily without having to discover why you were created, let alone living it.

Who knows how long anyone will live? Seeing life is unpredictable, shouldn’t we just do our best to live to the optimum?

Is this possible? Yes, it is! But how can someone live life to the optimum when he doesn’t even know what life is there to live in the first place?

If this is your plight, you don’t need to worry anymore. In this article, you will learn the nitty-gritty around life purpose and how to discover your life purpose.


International Speaker and author, Myles Munroe capture the meaning of purpose with his popular quote:

“When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable”

This quote is worthy of note because in purpose and for purpose, abuse is absent.

The dictionary defines purpose as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

The reason for your existence is what the purpose of your life is all about.

Having clear that fact, let’s see the common misconceptions of purpose.

Common Misconceptions On Life’s Purpose?

Everyone seems to know what the purpose of life is but much of the knowledge shared is not what it is.

Below are the common misconceptions of Life’s purpose

1. The Purpose Of Life Is A Life Of Purpose

That you wake up at 7 am, with a busy schedule, several appointments, and a long list of value-added activities does not mean you have discovered your life’s purpose.

What is called life purpose is bigger than living a life of purpose. Many people think a life that is engaging, and full of activities is the purpose of life.

Having a good job, being a responsible parent, having a college degree, and not talking about having a lot of money is not the reason why you are alive.

All these are good but that’s not all that the purpose of your life is all about.

2. My Life Purpose Must Be My Career

This probably is the most common misconception around life purpose. Finding or building a great career is not the purpose of your life.

You probably think so because you keep hopping from one job to the other. Another job may increase your pay but doesn’t answer the question of your life purpose.

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3. Purpose Is Something Religious

Although the idea of purpose is generally accepted yet some people think it is for religious buddies.

Their belief is, purpose is one of the religious jargon that restricts people from getting the best of life. Whereby, you sacrifice your freedom and desires to be what you don’t want to be.

4. My Life Purpose Is My Passion

You might be reading this and thinking you are doing well because you’ve found your strength and have great skills. Have you discovered the reason you were born?

There is more to your life than just living it.

If your passion is the reason for your existence, you need to think again.
Living your passion only is limiting when you can live your purpose.

Sometimes what people call passion is only a hobby. When you discover your purpose, you will find the passion you never knew you had.

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5. Giving Back To The World Is Living My Purpose

Donations to charity homes, foundations, people with disabilities, or other philanthropist work is not what life’s purpose is about.

Giving back to your community and society is a kind gesture from your heart. When you contribute to help alleviate people’s challenges, it does not necessarily resolve to be your purpose.

You are only doing great work that is commendable but not living your purpose. The two are not the same thing.

Keep up the journey to discovering your purpose. Don’t settle for less or excuse yourself from becoming what you were meant to be, i.e the reason for your existence

6. You Can Have More Than One Purpose

It’s not like that. Purpose is one major thing but can have different dimensions.

One’s life purpose can revolve around many things depending on the scope. That doesn’t mean you have more than one purpose. Instead, your purpose is multi-faceted

7. Some Purposes Are Better Than Others

Not at all. We live in a world, where only the big things are celebrated.

As a school teacher in some Asian rural communities, adding meaning to the lives of young people is not lesser in purpose compared to a surgeon operating people’s brains.

One seems higher than the other yet there is no inferior purpose.

Here is what we can take to introduce this topic. You need to read the full article. It continues in How to Discover Your Purpose (The Ultimate Guide 2)

Let’s know your views on life’s purpose. Also, If you have any questions, use the comment box below. We will love to answer them all.









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