ICYMI: Two-Week Recap

Estimated Reading Time: Two minutes (428 words)

Target Audience: K-8 Classroom Teachers and Coaches

You may have missed a few epic posts this busy time of year! The authors at Two Writing Teachers have covered many topics over the past two weeks. Here is a quick recap of the ideas, inspiration, and invitations to try something new.

We start with a gem from Krista McGowan, Spoken Word Poetry Doesn’t Have to Be Scary. Krista walks us from start to finish through the immersion phase to the performance. She shares how to keep kids motivated through the whole process.

Melanie shared a roundup of Stacey’s Author Spotlight series. Even though the book giveaway has closed, there are lots of treasures to explore from all these authors.

In the post, Try This Suspenseful Small Group…Tomorrow! Leah shared resources you can print and use…tomorrow! Her tips for using ellipses, repetition, and thinking will level up your writers and workshop.

Melanie gave us a peek into her early explorations of ChatGPT and gave some great ideas for prompts. I especially loved pasting in curriculum or lessons to see what learning targets it would generate. Check it out here, Three Ways to Use ChatGPT…Tomorrow.

In, Keep Writers Growing (An End-of-Year Pep Talk), Sarah helps break down some end-of-year ideas. When things begin to wind down in our workshops, she reminds us there is still so much to accomplish. From looking for non-negotiables to goal setting, you’ll appreciate this pep talk.

Stacey shared a unique way she used ChatGPT in her post, Can A.I. Write a Good Speech? She shares how a version of a speech from A.I. acted as an entry point to something she was struggling to write. Her big takeaway? Chatbots can’t write your words for you but can act as an entry point to get you going. 

In Mentor Texts as Springboards for Writing, Amy shared a beautiful mentor text that could inspire any writer. Using the book, In Between, by April Pulley Sayre, she shared several ideas and prompts for writers to consider. All those in-between moments we have from being an in-between kindergarten and first grader to in-between shoe sizes. 

And finally, we had yesterday’s post from Beth! Wrapping Up a Year (or years) of Literacy Coaching shares Beth’s end-of-year to-do list as a coach and some new ideas to consider. Her bulleted lists make a daunting time of year feel organized and manageable.

I hope you find time to rest and recharge as you finish your week. When your mind is ready to gain inspiration or reflection, come back and visit some posts to get you prepared for the weeks ahead.

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