January Fact Folders

One of the best parts of teaching is being able to put a personalized touch on standards. In other words, the state tells teachers what students must learn before the end of the year but leaves planning up to teachers. So, they work hard to bring in aspects that are essential for students to learn about. Likewise, teachers incorporate elements that excite students to increase engagement. Thankfully, there are so many incredible ways to do this to help make learning fun and exciting! For instance, the Interactive Fact Folders for January are an excellent way to focus on many standards through hands-on activities! 

fact folders

What are Fact Folders?

Fact folders allow students to learn important facts about a specific topic. To do this, they work on several aspects, such as comprehension, writing, building descriptions, and learning vocabulary. The folder design helps keep all learning pieces organized. This is a great way to ensure students can take their work home and show it to their family members! 

The fact folders for January focus on penguins, polar bears, and Martin Luther King Jr. These are excellent topics for students to learn about heroic figures and winter animals! 

Each fact folder begins with a cover page for students to know the focus topic. They can even color it! Then, there is a graphic organizer for each topic. This allows students to reflect on different literary skills, such as compare and contrast. Additionally, students will explore what they know about the topic, what they want to learn, and what they learned. Students will even break down different aspects of polar bears to identify what they can do, have, and are. 

fact folders

Additionally, there are even fact sheets for reading about the animals or Martin Luther King Jr. This is a perfect way to work on reading skills and allows students to highlight words to know. After, they can work on fact sheet graphic organizers to build comprehension of the topic. 

As students continue to learn about the different topics, they will also learn new vocabulary words. These include important terms to explain animals or Martin Luther King Jr. Students will even work on descriptive terms! 

Thoughtful Reflection 

Students will love the Interactive Fact Folders for January! They will learn so much new information and practice various skills. So, to help them reflect on the topic, there are writing pages. Students can explain what they learned and draw a picture. The class will be so eager to share their responses and show off their illustrations! Since students are at all different writing levels, there are 2 options for differentiation. 

Required Supplies 

Students will need a 12 x 18 piece of construction paper to create their fact folders. They can also use a file folder depending on what is available in the classroom. They will also need a pencil, scissors, a few crayons, and some glue! 


The Interactive Fact Folders for January are primarily for 1st or 2nd-grade students. However, they can be great for other grades based on student ability. Since teachers know their students best, they can determine if these folders work for their classroom. 

Students are going to love the Interactive Fact Folders for January! They are a hands-on way to learn about penguins, polar bears, and Martin Luther King Jr. Honestly, students will be so excited about their learning and love having a keepsake to share with their family at home! 

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