Let’s Make a Paper Bee

I’ve shared a few paper-folding crafts with you over the years. Paper folding is a great first step for students to learn as they begin to become more independently creative and explore their own ideas by making.

Although it can be challenging to help a whole class of students with the steps, it is well worth the effort. Once students have made several projects and are confident with various folds their creativity can blossom. Provide a box of paper scraps, scissor and glue and let them explore!

Make teaching some initial projects, more manageable for yourself as the teacher by:

  • expecting that the first lesson would be challenging
  • starting with simple projects that require just a few folds
  • demonstrating the steps with the largest paper you have available so students can clearly see how the folds progress
  • as you demonstrate, give short verbal instructions to support the fold
  • have a coloring page or similar activity at students desks, and work your way around the other tables, demonstrating and helping 5-6 students at a time

Here is a bee craft with just a few folds. The first fold – from square to triangle across the diagonal – is great for students to master first.

You’ll need 

  • squares of paper
  • scraps of yellow paper
  • scissors
  • crayons

Follow along to learn the folds:

I hope your students love making their bee – perhaps you can make a giant hive from a sheet of card and have them displayed as a class group!

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