Little Things – Like Stickers!

I updated our Wrist Wraps file recently to include 5 new color and 5 new blackline rewards for your students! They are a fast way to instantly acknowledge positive behavior in the classroom and communicate with students’ families! Just print, snip and wraps them lightly around your children’s wrist before they go home. 

I used one of them on a box of 5 rolls of stickers – which also make popular classroom rewards! I printed it at 55% to cover some instructional text on the box.

To be honest, my 6 year old self could not resist this box when I saw it at K Mart! 400 stickers! 5 rolls! Super cute designs! Nothing like this was available when I was a child. We had a shop with one big wall of rolls of stickers and you purchased one at a time. It was dreamy. I think my students at school would have loved this too, especially the surprise of what sticker is coming next and being able to choose from 5.

I’d love to share one of the new Wrist Wraps with you.

An Itty Bitty is a circle shaped sticker or hole-punch reward card to help your encourage all the good things in your classroom! Stickers and hole-punches are a very economical way for you to set up a classroom management strategy. By having the collection-card, your management and the students ownership of their behavior, can become more enduring and connected day-today and over the weeks of term. Stickers on their own lose impact very quickly. 

Our printable pack has small circle cards and big circle cards! There are cards with 10 and 5 spaces to fill! 

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