Merry Bells–Fun for the whole family or classroom any time of year!

Most people think of handbells around Christmas, but Merry-Bells is making fun for the whole family any time of year!

Music and math go hand in hand with knowing the notes and getting the right beat. I was happy when Merry Bells reached out to me and asked if I would like to do a post about their fun and hands-on product.

They have one of the best handbell sets on the market and have several ways to participate: Play-Along DVDs, Digital Downloads, and Charts.  On Merry-Bells.com you can see their 120 songs to choose from so you can have fun playing all year! Children’s, Patriotic, and Christmas songs work great with schools and education programs!

I love things that are interactive. These handbells are sure to be a great teaching tool for teachers and parents and their students! I know that this whole pandemic has affected everyone, including the kids. This is just one opportunity to put a little fun into your life. The bells are so colorful and labeled well with the notes they make.

I feel like I haven’t used handbells since elementary school myself, but I’m excited to try these out with my family.

Merry Bells’ story about how they got started was pretty fascinating too! It starts with something simple but I am sure it took a lot of hard work and years before the company were able to sell the products. It looks like they are doing a great job and making music and fun for everyone!

Thanks Brad at Merry-Bells.com for letting me and my readers know about your colorful handbells!

When is the last time you used a handbell?

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