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We’ve all heard the stories about kids growing up with a silver spoon in their mouths, but what about those instances where you experience it firsthand? It’s easy to forget that money matters when you’re around people who have more of it than you do.

Let’s discuss some of the craziest encounters of ‘rich kid syndrome’ that people from social media have ever experienced.

Hates Her Dad For His Meanness (43,100 Upvotes)

A woman at work confided to the narrator that she was resentful of her father due to his demanding attitude regarding her financial obligations.

She had gone on a European trip and put the cost on her father’s credit card, leaving him with an eighty thousand dollar bill.

His constant pressure for repayment had caused deep frustration within the woman.  She was struggling to reconcile the idea of being expected to pay for such an extravagant trip when her father himself had provided the means.

Pilot Has To Fetch Their Snacks (34,600 Upvotes)

A commercial pilot who worked for a large company with a flight department was asked to fly one of their jets from the central part of the US to the Bahamas as the owner’s kids were going on holiday there.

Upon arriving, the passengers met other friends and got on a large yacht. Realizing that the yacht was equipped with fine dining food, they requested the pilot to fly back through US customs to their hometown in the Midwest so they could get junk food, such as burgers, beer, hotdogs, and BBQ ribs.

Pilot Has To Fetch Their Snacks (34,600 Upvotes)

The Pilot had to return with the requested items and still make it back in time for the yacht’s departure. This jet operation cost roughly $5,000 an hour and didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary for the owners.

Disgusted By The Average Kids (23,900 Upvotes)

A wealthy student in the narrator’s class displayed their disdain for those who bought used items, such as computer parts, on eBay.

During a conversation, this student scolded the narrator for buying a memory module from eBay and suggested they keep the story to themselves for the sake of their own dignity.

The idea of purchasing used items was totally beneath them.  

Girl Given a New BMW But Was Still Disappointed (20,400 Upvotes)

A teenage girl in the school parking lot was surprised by a brand-new BMW by her parents.

Everyone who was watching was expecting her to be overjoyed, but instead, she burst into tears and ran back into the school.

Girl Given a New BMW But Was Still Disappointed (20,400 Upvotes)

It seemed that her surprise had not gone as planned since she had been expecting them earlier when there would have been more people to witness the event.

The father looked embarrassed and saddened by this outcome, perhaps feeling that he had “created a monster,” according to the narrator.

Garbage Man Makes The Big Bucks (22,000 Upvotes)

A garbage man working in affluent neighborhoods collects abandoned items during the move-out time from university students.

On an annual basis, he recovers a significant amount of game consoles and desktop computers that are new or nearly new.

He then cleans them up and sells them on eBay, generating a substantial supplementary income of approximately $40,000 each year.

Pocket Money (18,000 Upvotes)

The college roommate of the narrator was given a large sum of money of $1,400 by his mother, seemingly just for a “random” weekend.

He had spent most of it by the end of Friday, and when he asked his mother for more money, he shouted at her because she had promised him $1,400 only for the weekend. (Friday wasn’t part of that!)

Getting Bored Of Expensive Toys (28,400 Upvotes)

A student living down the hall from the narrator purchased a pricey Fender Stratocaster and, after only a day of playing with it, became bored and sold it to the narrator for just $20, including its case.

Even after fifteen years, the guitar is still treasured by the narrator, who continues to play it today.

To give a rough price estimate, a good Fender American Professional Stratocaster electric guitar typically costs between $1500-$2500.

Dad Gives Money To Daughter For Her Company (4,900 Upvotes)

The daughter of a wealthy father was given a sum of money to start her own company.

She used it to go on vacation for six months and forgot that her employees needed to be paid during that time.

Dad Gives Money To Daughter For Her Company (4,900 Upvotes)

When quizzed about the situation, she appeared not to understand the concept of having a job. She just assumed that the employees would not get paid for six months and be there when she returned.

Crashing a Brand New Merc (16,800 Upvotes)

A Saudi man in the United Kingdom had a fender bender that caused minor damage to his brand-new Mercedes.

He called for one of his assistants to come and get him, although the car was still perfectly drivable.

When the tow truck driver arrived, the man handed over the keys and said, “Keep it; I don’t want it.” to the driver.

I Cannot Believe I Have To Work (16,600 Upvotes)

A wealthy family’s daughter was waiting to receive a promotion and expressed disbelief that she had to work for almost a year in order to get it.

This elicited laughter from the boyfriend, the narrator of the story.

The daughter, who was hopefully on her way to becoming similarly wealthy, struggled to accept the idea of having to work hard for something.

Pilot is Late For Pickup (23,300 Upvotes)

A teenager had an outburst of anger when his personal helicopter pilot was running late as he was getting a cup of coffee.

Despite only being delayed by 10 minutes, the teenager felt it was unacceptable and proceeded to curse loudly in frustration. “WHERE THE F*** IS HE!!???” he cried.

“The kid was done skiing for the day and found it totally unacceptable that he had to wait,” the commenter said.

Dying of Starvation With $1,000 (25,500 Upvotes)

A college student was stressing out because their father had not yet given them money for the month, and they only had $1000 to last the week.

Meanwhile, the commenter living in the same dorm was struggling financially and had to donate plasma just to afford their next meal.

Tit For Tat (30,400 Upvotes)

A young man offered to buy a round of drinks for his roommates and their new friend, who drove a raptor.

The friend refused the offer and said he could save his money, but the man insisted anyway.

Tit For Tat (30,400 Upvotes)

In response to the generosity, the wealthy man pulled out a black Amex card and purchased an expensive VIP booth in the club, costing around 3k.

He then inquired about their drink packages and asked if he could buy two additional bottles in addition to the Max package. He looked at his friend and said, “tit for tat,” with a smile.

“Safe to say I don’t recall much after that,” the commenter said.

Crazy Rich Kid Syndrome: Conclusion

Rich kid stories are quite comical and absurd to most folk.

Whether it’s a college student with access to more money than they know what to do with or an affluent family treating their pilot as a personal errand boy, these stories of ‘rich kid syndrome’ are sure to amuse.

While it’s no surprise that some people have more than others, it’s still a shock when you witness such scenes firsthand.

This article, Money Can’t Buy Common Sense: Tales of ‘Rich Kid Syndrome’ was produced and syndicated by TPR Teaching. This article has been inspired by a Reddit discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of TPR Teaching.

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