oo Word Mini Lesson

Our action rhyme Space Cat can be used in your classroom as part of your literacy program, a brain break or for engagement and classroom management. Children love joining in with collaborative reading and getting to move in their lessons. 

If you’ve taught your students this rhyme here is a mini lesson you can use as a literacy warm up or lesson transition. You can use the exact steps, or adapt them to suit your own classroom curriculum. 

  • say/read the rhyme together
  • help your students identify the words noon and moon and talk about them
  • create a chart of oo words, asking students to suggest ones
  • have them watch you write with a marker and create the classroom chart
  • talk about how you are writing as you write the words and how you think of the letters to write
  • read the words with your students (I am sharing a reference list of oo words that are decodable, below)
  • point to different words and have your students read them back
  • now tell them to listen as you say some longer phrases/sentences and they will call out the missing word
  • here students are working on attentive listening, accessing the collaborative chart they helped make and building voabulary


  • I sweep the floor with a …
  • Both apples and oranges are delicious, it’s so difficult to …
  • We saw many different animals on our trip to the …
  • Last night I heard an owl …

Leave the collaborative word bank chart up in your classroom for more language based activities and brain breaks throughout the week.  

oo word lesson

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