Racial Incident Roils U of Kentucky, Leads to Arrest | Inside Higher Ed

A white University of Kentucky student was arrested by campus police Sunday after social media video showed her attacking two Black students and shouting racial slurs at them.

Sophia Rosing was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, disorderly conduct, fourth-degree assault and third-degree assault (of a police officer). Her bond was set at $10,000, WKYT reported.

Kylah Spring was the first student she is seen attacking, and she was working in a dormitory at the time. She said Rosing appeared intoxicated. Spring asked Rosing if she was OK, “and she continues to look at me and she starts calling me a [racial slur],” said Spring. “She bit me along my arm. She punched me in my face.”

In video, Rosing uses the slur repeatedly.

Rosing has been a College Fashionista, a program through which she is supposed to influence what students wear. College Fashionista announced that Rosing was removed from the program on Sunday.

Eli Capilouto, the president of the University of Kentucky, released a statement that said in part, “Early this morning, an incident involving violence against our students, racial slurs and offensive language occurred in one of our residence halls. One of the victims was a student employee who was working an overnight shift at the front desk. From my view of a video of the incident, the student worker acted with professionalism, restraint and discretion … The video images I have seen do not honor our responsibilities to each other. They reflect violence, which is never acceptable, and a denial of the humanity of members of our community. They do not reflect civil discourse. They are deeply antithetical to what we are and what we always want to be as a community.”

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