Reading Fluency in 5 Easy Steps

Learning to read is one of the most complex skills for elementary students. Between letter sounds, blends, articulation, and prosody, there is so much to process at the same time. On top of this, students actually have to understand what the words mean. Thus, it makes sense that so many students struggle to improve their reading skills. However, no one wants to be a struggling reader. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, which prevents students from seeing how incredible books are. Thankfully, the Reading Fluency Passages are here to help! When focusing on reading fluency in 5 easy steps, every student gains the needed skills and confidence to be a great reader. 

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When working on reading fluency, many programs have students read the same thing repeatedly. While their word count and self-corrections may improve, this does not mean they are improving in fluency. Many times, students gain automaticity of the words and just know what to expect. This is exactly why these reading fluency passages are so helpful. 

This 5-step program includes 45 original reading fluency passages perfect for first and second grade. Each passage comes in three different words per-minute options to ensure each student receives the most appropriate assignment. Honestly, this is a great way to make differentiation quick to prepare! 

One of the best aspects of working on reading fluency in 5 easy steps involves the smiles on students’ faces. While teachers will love having everything they need at their fingertips, the best part is the students’ excitement. They will feel so proud of themselves as they progress through the steps! 

5-Step Process 

It is so hard to become a fluent reader! Luckily, students will significantly improve reading fluency in 5 easy steps when they use these passages. This means they will not become frustrated or overwhelmed. Instead, they will gradually improve and progress through the steps at the appropriate pace. 

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First, students will read the passage and mark words. Then, they will read at their own pace. This leads to word work where students have a key aspect to focus on. This may be highlighting short I words or plural nouns. Afterward, students will complete a silly read in a different style. For instance, this may be reading like they are sleepy or a monster. Lastly, students will read and mark the passage again. They will love to see how much their words per minute progressed from the first read to the last! 


The Reading Fluency Passages are perfect for whole-group reading and small-group reading lessons. Additionally, they are perfect for independent practice, morning work, and reading intervention groups. They can even go home for students to practice or for early finishers. Essentially, the versatility means that students can improve their reading fluency in all different formats! 

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Ultimately, the Reading Fluency Passages will make reading practice fun and exciting for your first and second-graders. Teachers will no longer have to search for the perfect reading passages! They will have everything they need within this one resource. Best of all, students will love to focus on reading fluency in 5 easy steps! 

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