Reviewing the Doubles Strategy for Addition Math Warm Up

If you’re on my newsletter email list you’ll know that I occasionally send you a bonus printable Itty Bitty Reward Card with a seasonal or special-theme! 

They are fast-prep circular cards to give each student to keep at their desk or cubby. They help you manage your classroom and contribute to a positive community by having students collect stickers or stamps as they make positive choices throughout the day.

In addition to classroom management you can use them in a math warm up! Today I’ll share one with you for reviewing the doubles strategy (with numbers 1-5).

Double Dots – A Math Warm Up for Addition

  • each student has 2 cards (each with 5 dots)
  • students roll and show a double by placing the same number on each card
  • they find the total (e.g. double 2 is 4)
  • if they roll a 6 they roll again
  • challenge: keep a cumulative total, the first to 100 (or 50) wins

doubels for addition

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