Shark Dice – a Math Warm Up

Here is a math warm up for the first few minutes of your small group math lesson or to use at the conclusion of a math lesson. Students who finish early may like to team up to play! 

It will see students review:

  • addition
  • comparing numbers

Use dice that fit your students ability. Six sided dice work well for kindergarten. Students will play in pairs. 

You need:

  • 2 dice per pair
  • a small collection of counters per pair (to help keep score)
addition and subtraction math warm up

Shark Dice Math Warm Up

  • students sit with their partner
  • students take turns to roll 2 dice
  • the student who rolls, calculates the total of the roll using an addition strategy of their choice
  • the other player closes their eyes and is allowed to gently ‘tip’ the dice one turn
  • a new pair of numbers is created after one die is tipped in one direction
  • the new total is calculated
  • if the new total is lower, the tipper gets one score counter
  • if the new total is higher the roller gets one score counter

To create a faster-pace warm up, remove the scoring element and have students simply practice adding and comparing. 

I hope your students love this new warm up and are excited for math!

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