Subtraction Fact Warm Up

Here is a math warm up for subtraction. It can also be used as a lesson introduction or mini math workshop! Students will understand that from any 2 numbers, 2 subtraction stories (or facts) can be created. You just need:

  • counters in 2 colors
  • a dish
  • dominos

subtraction facts

Model several first, talking about what you are doing and building an understanding of the key concepts. 

Students then:

  • take a domino
  • tell the 2 numbers – here we have 5 and 2
  • total the domino – 5 and 2 makes 7 altogether
  • build the numbers with counters (this is important)
number games in first grade

  • use a dish (or piece of paper or their hand) to conceal one number
  • talk about what has happened
  • 7 take away 5 leaves 2

subtraction fun activities for kindergarten

  • conceal the other number and again, talk about the subtraction – 7 take away 2 leaves 5

hands on subtraction

One of the games in our Subtraction Problem math pack will help students build a deeper understanding of related subtraction facts. It is called In and Out and each activity card shows fish in and out of the ocean!

Students can 

  • describe the subtraction story 
  • model it with counters on the card
  • perform the subtraction (moving counters off the card)
  • record it in numbers (directly on the card or on a whiteboard/paper)
Find the pack (which also includes activities to scaffold this concept) over in our store!
related subtraction facts
math pack 30

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