Teen Number Math Warm Up

Kindergarten and first grade students often need practice saying teen numbers. They can get confused in math activities between numbers that sound similar – e.g. fifteen and fifty, sixteen and sixty.

Provide plenty of opportunities to listen and say these numbers. Math warm ups are a great place to accomodate this extra practice. 

Here is just one idea for having your students do the talking. It also helps support their understanding of the order and sequence of numbers.

It’s minimal-prep and engaging for a brain break, lesson transition or warm-up.

Simply hold the caterpillar number cards up and have the class call to you the missing number. 

  • before you start model how to say the teen numbers clearly and get them to practice – fourteen, seventeen 
  • review counting from 9 to 20 several times
  • call a number and have students tell you the next number – to get their minds ready for forward number sequences
teen numbers

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