Updates to OKTOPUS Software – Improved Teaching Tools for Accessibility & Ease of Use


OKTOPUS is a teacher-friendly presentation and collaboration software designed for interactive whiteboards, projectors, and displays like the award-winning MimioPro 4 and ProColor 3 from Boxlight.* Current OKTOPUS users have enjoyed features such as annotation over a variety of applications, 70+ interactive teaching tools, polling capabilities with instant feedback, and educational games. 

To add to its innovative toolbox, OKTOPUS has made recent updates such as: 

  • Dice Tool now has 8 multi-colored dice that are specifically designed to support learners with color blindness. 
  • Google Maps now supports auto-fill. Click away from the map to save it as an image to the bottom layer of the canvas. 
  • Scientific Calculator now shows an updated display automatically when the sum is changed. 

We anticipate that these updates will enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. For more on the changes to OKTOPUS, view the Change Log here. 

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* Please note: OKTOPUS software is included with the purchase of both the ProColor 3 and MimioPro 4 interactive displays. 


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