Valentine’s Day Activities for Students Anywhere

In the month of February, nothing is sweeter than a Valentine’s Day celebration. This holiday of love is often filled with candy, chocolates, cards, and classroom crafts. But where does learning fit into lesson plans in the midst of all the heart-shaped fun? Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be educational with these 10 virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for students of all ages!

These interactive Valentine’s Day activities can be completed in-person or online (if you’re in a hybrid classroom) using Easel by TPT™. Check them out and see which activity would work best for your class on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day Virtual Activities for Elementary Students

Make Valentine’s Day an all-day celebration your students will love. These resources span Spanish, ELA, science, and math, so your class can celebrate the entire day. This way, your students will be in the holiday mood before and after any classroom festivities.

San Valentín – Escritura Creativa – Spanish by Teaching Asante Sana

Grades: 1st – 4th | Spanish, Creative Writing

Looking for a Spanish-language activity for Valentine’s Day? This resource includes 12 creative writing activities about love, friendship, and San Valentín.

Valentine’s Day STEM Activity by Carly and Adam STEM

Grades: 1st – 5th | Engineering

Integrate STEM in your Valentine’s Day celebrations! Students will explore how to “air mail” their Valentine’s Day cards by designing, building, and sending a Valentine mailer.

Valentine’s Day Lesson Activity by Lalula Lifetime Learning

Grades: 2nd – 4th | Reading, Poetry

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Valentine’s Day close read, comprehension questions about Valentine’s Day, creative poetry writing, and more!

Valentine Themed Fraction Task Cards by The Playbook

Grades: 3rd | Math

Looking for a fun way to get your kids excited about fractions? These Valentine’s Day-themed task cards will be the perfect addition to your classroom! 

Valentine’s Day Analogies PowerPoint and Self-Checking Easel Activities by HappyEdugator

Grades: 3rd – 6th | Vocabulary

This is a fun digital Valentine’s Day vocabulary activity for students to practice looking for relationships between word pairs. The interactive PowerPoint can be a great party game to project up on your whiteboard for students to do together as a whole class. Students can also use this on their devices, which is great if you’re hybrid teaching.

Valentine Candy Heart Erosion Lab | An Earth Science Experiment by Kimberly Scott Science

Grades: 3rd – 6th | Earth Science

Conduct an easy-to-prep, 30-minute lab that explores the concept of erosion using candy hearts. Students will ultimately discover that different forces can affect the erosion of candy hearts in different ways.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Ideas for Middle and High School

While your middle and high school students may or may not have their hearts set on Valentine’s Day cards, they can still practice their reading and writing this holiday. Build up their comprehension and analysis skills with reading activities and logic puzzles. Get them thinking creatively with writing exercises. And most importantly, have some heart-shaped fun while doing it all.

Roll a Story – Valentine’s Day Creative Writing Activity by Language Arts Lessons by Lauren

Grades: 6th – 12th | Creative Writing

Add narrative writing to your classroom routine with this fresh and engaging creative writing activity your students will love!

Valentine Writing Prompts by Literary Sherri

Grades: 7th – 9th | English Language Arts, Writing

Use these Valentine’s Day writing prompts as warm-up work, bell ringers, literacy centers, quick writes, class-enders, or for writer’s workshop — or leave them as a lifesaver for substitute teachers!

Valentine’s Day Reading Activity by Yaddy’s Room

Grades: 7th – 10th | English Language Arts

In this activity, students review their preconceptions about Valentine’s day, review the origins of the holiday, and analyze a love poem from Edgar Allan Poe. Great as a quick lesson or even a substitute lesson!

Sentence Patterns Grammar Worksheets for Valentine’s Day by Charlene Tess

Grades: 9th – 12th | English Language Arts, EFL – ESL – ELD, Writing

Teach your students to rewrite sentences without changing their meaning to achieve sentence variety with these 20 Valentine’s Day-themed sentences.

Need even more virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for your school students? Find the ready-to-go resource that’s best for your class on TPT.

This post, originally published in 2022, was updated for 2023.

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