Word Spell

Here is a fun minimal-prep language or spelling game to play as a lesson transition or warm up. Or just to fill a few minutes!

Word Spell

  • have a set of word cards out – any that you are focusing on (sight words, spelling words, topic words etc)
  • ask a students to be the witch or wizard and come to the front of the class (if they volunteer to do this)
  • review the set of words with the class (reading, spelling or sounding out – whatever you are working on)
  • ask the witch to spin 3 times around on the spot (representing stirring her potion for the word spell)
  • upon being back into position, tell her a word to be found from the collection
  • extension: spell the word as well
  • another extension: find the word and also suggest a rhyming word

You can add more layers of engagement by having some props students can use like a wand or hat too. 

These word cards are from our Witch Words set, but the game works with any list you are working on. 

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