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World of Work Summit: Pathways For All

If you’ve been to a Getting Smart keynote/event over the last 5 years, you’ve likely heard us mention Cajon Valley Union School District. This district is best in class at making young people aware of the many job opportunities in their communities and creating powerful pathways/partnerships to help map these students to a future that works for them. This program starts in elementary school.

To create this program, the district selected a job framework created by John Holland sixty years ago. Popularly known by the acronym RISEC (for realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional), it is a set of assessments that help young people become aware of their unique strengths, interests, and values.

To achieve this, Cajon Valley learners move through four World of Work experiences: exploration, simulation, meet a pro, and practice. 

Before World of Work we just had basic stuff. Now I have an idea of who I want to be. I want to be an entrepreneur and use my social skills to work with people.

Stewart, Cajon Valley fourth grader.

We’re excited to be supporting the upcoming World of Work Summit, to better showcase the inspiring work embedded in this school community and beyond. This conference will be a convening of trailblazers blurring the lines between K-12 and the World of Work, career development and paths to gainful employment. 

Taking place on March 23-25 in San Diego, CA, this summit will also include a visit to Cajon Valley Schools, where attendees will be able see human and career development based on a deep understanding of each individual student. Then, there will be talks and breakout sessions led by: State Policy Makers, Business Leaders, and K-12 Innovators from Arkansas, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and growing. It will also feature keynotes from Charles Duhigg, Author of The Power of Habit; Horst Schulze, Found of Ritz Carlton Hotels, Jean-Claude Brizard; President and CEO of Digital Promise and many more will serve as catalysts for change for you, your school and your district. 

For more insight into how Cajon Valley thinks about the future of learning, check out this podcast featuring Superintendent of Cajon Valley, David Miyashiro.

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