Your courses deserve recognition for NSQ alignment

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QM can do more than just certify your online courses using QM Standards — it can also provide you with a feedback report with insights into their alignment with NSQ Course Standards.

The National Standards for Quality Online Courses provide a framework for schools, districts, state agencies, statewide online programs, and other interested educational organizations to improve online learning courses. The standards are intended to provide guidance while offering maximum flexibility for users.

How can QM help with NSQ alignment?

Quality Matters (QM) can help you to see how your courses stand up against the NSQ Course Standards. An NSQ Derived Report can be generated for all QM K-12 Course Design Reviews. The report provides feedback in NSQ format, identifying and recognizing areas where you already are meeting the NSQ indicators and places that might need some reinforcement. During an Official K-12 QM Review, you will also receive feedback on QM Standards from a team of QM-Certified Reviewers. This feedback is a powerful tool that helps you provide an exceptional learning experience for all of your students and highlights your hard work by shining a light on what you are doing well.

Reviews Lead to Certifications — Proof that You Take Quality Seriously

With Quality Matters Certification, your administrators, parents, and other stakeholders can be confident that you are not only committed to providing quality courses and programs, but that you meet nationally and internationally recognized standards. And the QM Certification Mark proves it:

  • Learners know they will receive a course with clear expectations and guidance, content that is purposeful and activities that are engaging.
  • Parents know their children will have a better chance of success because grading standards and learning assessments will be consistent with content and course activities.

  • Faculty and staff know they will be supported by peer feedback in an open and collegial process in their quest to provide the best learning experience possible.

  • Your institution can demonstrate that it offers quality-assured courses and programs supported by best practices, rigorous review and research.

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